Klimataria House

This house is situated on the paved alley which leads to the main square where there are many coffee shops and groceries. It was constructed in the medieval age, with arches and bows, made only with stones. There is a big living room inside with two built couches. One of them can also serve as a bed. There is also a fireplace,a tv set, a library, a fully equipped kitchen, refrigerator, a bedroom with a double built bed, a w.c. and bathroom with cold - hot water and airconditioning.

One of the entrances of the living room leads to the garden and the other to a big paved veranda covered with tiles and a pergola (outdoors dining room).

Capacity: 4 persons (1 double + 2 single).

Price per day: From 40 - 70 euros depending on the period, the duration of stay and the number of visitors.


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