Chios is one of the islands of the north-east Aegean located just off the coast of Asia Minor and the fifth largest Greek island. To the Prefecture of Chios belong also the islands of Oinousses and Psara.
Chios is an island with a long history. According to sources, the culture developed by the Neolithic period. Excavations indicate that the island passed through various stages of civilization. The first inhabitants came from Euboea. In 1000 BC is extremely economic and naval power. The regime prevailing in the island was monarchical. Guardian Angel was Zeus Pellinaios. After the conquest and destruction by the Persians in 493 BC, the island slowly becomes again the autonomy and independence. Later, the Romans who were removed from the island artwork and the complete destruction of the island after a series of strong earthquakes. The reorganization of the island begins again in the 11th century when it was built and the Fortress. After 1204 the island had passed into the hands of Istanbul but released in 1225. After a series of adventures, the island was conquered by the Genoese for 2 centuries. During this revitalized trade and prosperity xanaerchetai the island. From the 15th century until the 19th, the island is occupied by the Turks. 

The moment you approach Chios you immediately get the sense of elegance that blends harmoniously with the soothing peace and serenity emanating from the island. Furthermore, Chios never lost its authenticity over the years. The heady blossom scent wafting up from the gardens merges with the distinct smell of mastic that fills up the air, especially in the southern part of the island, in its ‘mastic villages’ (mastichohoria). It is also worth mentioning that for centuries Chios has been renowned for seamanship skills of its inhabitants.
The island of Chios takes great pride in its clean, beautiful beaches, medieval villages and other picturesque settlements as well as a wide range of attractions and sights.

Some of the unique hallmarks of Chios include:

• Chios is believed to be the birthplace of Homer.
• The Sphinx was the emblem of the ancient city-state of Chios.
• Chios is the world’s distinctive producer of mastic gum.
• Mostra, a tradition celebrated on the last Friday of the Carnival.
• Rocket War, Easter tradition.
• Ships, Christmas tradition.

You can get to Chios either by air or by sea.

There are daily ferry connections between the island of Chios and the port of Piraeus (Athens) operated by ferry companies: NEL LINES and HELLENIC SEAWAYS. Scheduled ferries run also regular daily services to Thessaloniki, Limnos, Lesbos, Samos and Syros. There are also daily ferry services to Oinousses, Psara and Cesme operated by SUNRISE TOURS and KANARIS TOURS.

There are daily flights to and from Athens, Thessaloniki, Limnos, Lesbos, Samos and Rhodes operated by Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines.

Shops in Chios town are open Monday - Friday from 8:30 to 14:00, Tuesday and Friday 8:30 -14:00 and 17:30 - 20:30, Saturday 9:00 -15:00. On Sundays everything is closed.
Grocery stores and supermarkets are open daily from 8:30 to 20:30 except Wednesday and Saturday when they close at 16:00.
Banks are open Monday - Friday 08:00-14:00, on Saturday and Sunday they are closed.
Public service offices are open Monday - Friday 08:00-14:00, on Saturday and Sunday they are closed.